Caz Killjoy

disability, sexuality, anarchism


I’m on medical sabbatical during 2023 to have multiple surgeries.Before 2023, I was a cripsex agitator, disability activist, educator, patient advocate, and writer. Now, I'm in limbo.In Slavic, “Caz” means “the famous destroyer of peace,” but “Caz” is also an abbreviation of my first name, hence the name “Caz Killjoy” – which started out as a joke and now I’m stuck with it.I’m a white, genderqueer, queer person who practices non-monogamy as a relationship anarchist. I am also an abolitionist, an anarchist, an atheist, and an anti-Zionist; lumpen-precariat; formerly unhoused; a former sex worker; a proud GED recipient; and multiply disabled. To paraphrase, my disabilities are the least interesting thing about me.To learn more or get in touch, find me at

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